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Phone/email consultation

Get in touch and discuss you ideas.

A preliminary site visit

This will enable us to find out the individual needs of the client looking at the nature of space, the particular requirements from it, including access & storage requirements. We would also    discuss design options, budget parameters, educational workshops/ involvement of volunteers or pupils at this stage.

You can choose one of our existing plans found on the products page and then customise the build to incorporate a specific interior layout, choice of window and door location, choice of standard off-the-shelf or handmade windows and doors, decorative finishes, walling materials, roof finishes, addition of sculpted seating, cob oven. extra room, electrics & plumbing. 

Production of a plan & design ‘moods’ booklet

This will give you some ideas of artistic/material finishes you may want to include in your design. It also includes hand drawn images/sketches of overall design/look of the build in relation to individual site to offer you a unique reflection of your needs.

Permissions sought if required.

We can either point you in the right direction or help you with any planning that may be required for your build.

Structural engineering approvals and building control permits

We will provide detailed drawings for building control that have been approved by our structural engineer.


This will be based on the Client's customisation of their build


This includes a Schedule of works (includes time frame) payment plan, terms & conditions, list of
sub- contractors, H&S (copy of Risk assessment, CRB checks, H&S Policy) and handover.

Off-site work

All the timber components will be built in our workshop which will enable a more efficient production, less waste, faster onsite construction/assembly, more precision...

On-site work

Delivery of materials & component parts/erection of timber frame/ walling/ roofing/ decorative finishes/ electrics/ plumbing/ landscaping (separate from the build package)

Open day/ Celebration

A chance to invite the media, members of the local community, friends & family to recognise the achievements of pupils/volunteers involved and show gratitude to everyone who was part of the project.

Move In

A handover document will be issued to the Client, which will include a materials list/maintenance guidance/ yearly up keep.

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The Process....

I want one.......

The Commissioning Process

You've decided you want a building but have questions about how it might work at your site, what sort of time scale it involves, how much it will cost, whether you might require planning........

All these can be answered and more, so lets get the ball rolling.............

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