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Why commission an educational roundhouse build at your school?

Experience learning beyond the classroom

We believe the most effective and enjoyable way to learn is by hands on experience.........

An Integrative Learning Experience

By linking the project to different aspects of the National Curriculum we can provide more relevance to what they are learning by putting it into a more realistic context. Some pupils can find it difficult to grasp certain concepts within a more theoretical and classroom based environment, and so by transporting your pupils into a fresh learning environment, children can often be more engaged and motivated to understand and learn.

Our educational workshops nurture creativity, imagination and play. Inquisitive minds become free to explore and through this process, imaginations run wild. Working from the premise of building dens, observing in nature how animals build their spaces, birds building their nests, these influence the design .........

We aim to design a project that not only gives pupils practical experience outside the classroom space, but also provides them with new skills they might not otherwise come across along more traditional educational routes.

Providing pupils with a project where they get to be involved, from the design concept, to watching it grow and evolve, to being the end users of the space, can make for a more fun, engaging and relevant learning experience.

Learning through play and experimentation such as role play or practical activities can often help pupils to apply the theory based learning more effectively.

By getting pupils more interested in their natural environment within the school grounds this can often reach beyond the school gates helping them develop into more responsible members of their local community and getting them engaged in extra curricular activities to support their in-school learning.
We believe the most effective and enjoyable way to learn is by hands-on experience. All our workshops are a combination of theory and practice, which are designed to allow your pupils to learn in a safe, creative and enjoyable way.

Building outdoors is physical so expect some hard work, just bring along enthusiasm, imagination and energy, and anything is possible!


The Roundhouse Company are committed to inspiring and educating people from all walks of life in the art of natural building. We invite people to reconnect not only with nature but with themselves and empower them with skills to bring about positive change within their own lives and their communities. Through creative and practical means we bring together people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, who work as part of a team to create something beautiful. This could be a simple mural using earth plasters to create decorative and sculptural bas-relief or a beautiful wood fired cob oven or seating area.Building with natural materials is fun and the nature and process of working with these materials is very inclusive and encourages a sense of community.

We encourage and promote the principles of sustainable building through our designs and educational workshops. We enjoy collaborating with a wealth of organisations, groups and individuals, from people with mental health problems and learning difficulties to schools and refugee groups.


Education Pack

A typical pack will include the following details:


  • Outline of project.

  • General outcomes for the workshops in relation to building/ sculpting with cob.

  • Details of the practical workshops e.g dates, schedule, what to expect.

sustainable buildings

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