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  • Basic roundhouse with open sides and sculpted cob/ timber bench and option of cob oven

  • Sculpted decorative timber wind break

  • Sculpted oven and seating on stone or timber foundation

  • Separate shelving and storage

Customize your Oven & Seating

Additional Features

  • Log storage

  • Shelving

  • Set of oven tools

  • Growing Area: Decorative timber fencing, gates, raised beds and timber benches

Decorative Options

  • Sculpted bas-relief (lime or earth plaster work)

  • Mosaic

  • Handmade steel oven door with decorative wrought iron work

  • Wooden door with pyrographic drawings

  • Carved cruck frame, roundpoles

What can you use a cob oven and seating for?

  • As part of a growing area with raised beds, sculpted fencing and gates

  • As part of a storytelling area

  • As part of a BBQ area


  • Cob oven on stone, brick or timber foundation with integral storage.

  • Cruck frame style roof finished with waney edged cladding or a living wall.

Newcastle Countryside Project
Whangarei cob oven
Heeley City Farm
Beenleigh Meadows Farm
Paces Campus
Motueka cob oven
Whangarei cob oven
Chy-An Community Field

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