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The Roundhouse Company deliver tailored educational workshops for groups as well as individuals. We believe the most effective and enjoyable way to learn is by hands on experience.


All our workshops are a combination of theory and practice, which are designed to allow you to learn in a safe, creative and enjoyable way.


Building outdoors is physical so expect some hard work; just bring along enthusiasm, imagination and energy, and anything is possible!


The Roundhouse Company are committed to encouraging and promoting sustainable building by collaboration and co-operation. If you are looking to build a structure using cob or other natural materials and need help, then we offer a variety of options to assist you with your build, from design services, to core team training and weekend workshops. Please get in touch for further information.

Norton Priory Museu
Portsmouth Friends of the Earth
West Exe Nursery
St. Cleopas School
Marcassie Farm 7 day workshop
Chy-An Community Field
St. Cleopas School
Green Health Partnership
Falmouth Green Centre
Portsmouth Friends of the Earth
Arden Grove Infant & Nursery School
Treborough Woodland Campsite 7 day w
Venture Scoltand
Venture Scotland
Venture Scotland
Whangarei Cob oven workshop
Whangarei Cob oven workshop
Whangarei Cob oven workshop
Whangarei Cob oven workshop

"The experience of building a ‘real’ building, seeing how to deal with issues as they arose and making significant and noticeable progress. I also really enjoyed the theory sessions - good length, at nice intervals and with interesting and practical information……
I really enjoyed this workshop. The pace was great and I appreciate how it provided insight into the wider issues of planning and building a structure other than just mixing and placing cob. The shared meals and group working gave a real community building feel…………
The balance of practical and theory was great. And I loved how throughout the week topics in building that appeared complicated became demystified."

Marcassie farm - Introduction to Cob 7 Day Workshop

"Thank you very, very, very much. Had a ball!! Definitely going to put new knowledge to practice and seem ways to further it & build upon it. Tutor was also very clear in his demonstrations and explanations"

L.I.L.I Basics of Cob Workshop

Educational Workshops

“Wonderful tactile material, totally hands on. Excellent passionate teaching, great company and a brilliant project!” Introduction to cob - Falmouth Green Centre, Falmouth

“I thought the presentation was clear and there was a good balance between practical tasks and theoretical information, thanks for an inspiring couple of days.”

Introduction to cob - Offshoots Permaculture Project, Burnley.

The Roundhouse Company are continually developing and improving our workshops based on feedback from participants:

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