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Custom design service for your own build

We offer a detailed design service to work with the client to create a unique design concept for a variety of sustainable builds (from smaller builds e.g art/yoga studio to larger builds e.g community centre/ a house - this can be stand alone or include taking it through planning, structural engineering approvals, sourcing appropriate contractors for the job. The client's sketches/ ideas would be incorporated into the overall design that we undertake.
We can also work in consultation with an architect the client may already have contracted to help transfer those ideas from paper to the physical reality of working with the natural materials chosen for construction.

Tailored consultation for your own build

You may already have a plan/design in mind but are unsure of what materials will best be suited to the build. Our 14 years of experience of building with a variety of natural materials enables us to provide a valuable consultation for your project. There are many things to consider when building a house, garden studio, etc - where to site your building, access, material suppliers, etc. We can work alongside you/ your architect during the course of your building project. We can be brought in to consult at the beginning of various stages to help you avoid setbacks which can occur when working with natural materials for the first time. Please get in touch for further details.

We can either support you by collaborating with you or your architect and review your building plans or we can help train you/ your core team members to continue with different stages of a build.

Core Team Training

If you have a core team of people you want to help build your house but need some experience in how to build with certain natural materials then we can support you with this by offering you one or a series of training/workshops. This is useful to those of you who don’t have the budget to bring in contractors for the entirety of a build. You may even have partaken in an introduction workshop yourself but aren’t confident to get a team of people started on a larger build.
We can provide one or a number of hands-on week long workshops to help you gain the skills to build effectively and efficiently with a range of natural materials with the addition of both telephone and email support throughout the course of your build.

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