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Timber Tipis


  • Multiple timber tipis/ Singular timber tipi



  • Tipi encampment - Multiple timber tipis, sculpted totem and animals


What can you use a timber tipi for?

  • Playspace

  • Story telling space

  • Guest accommodation

  • Unique compost loo!

Decorative Options

  • Pyrographic drawings

  • Woven hazel and willow/ timber door

  • Sculpted window or door

Additional Features

  • Sculpted timber benches, throne, mushroom shaped stools

  • Carved totem pole

  • Carved animals

  • Canvas tipi

  • Raised timber floor

  • Windows and door

  • Play bark floor

  • Domed skylight

  • Insulation

Customize Your

Tipi Encampment....

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